Friday, April 3, 2009

Nepa Massage

There is one question that I get from my clients that I have to talk about here so that everyone will know. The top question is; "what kind of massage do you do" or "what do you call this type of massage". The answer is Nepa Massage. A long time client came up with that name 2 years ago and it has stuck ever since. Now I know that Nepa Massage doesn't describe what I do but after I explain maybe things will be that much clearer.

I have trained in Tai Chi for almost ten years from my teacher/mentor Tony Zayner. This same mentor also taught me Asian bodywork (acupressure, table Thai massage, Tui Na), Chinese medicine modalities (gua sha, cupping, moxa) as well as magnets. I was introduced to reflexology, trigger point therapy, passive movement stretching, different kinds of massage tools and my favorite, chair massage. After learning all of the above, I worked to develop my own style and use that with my natural abilities. Each therapist must do the same for themselves.

All these styles and techniques are time proven over the centuries and have been known to work as individual techniques. Now I don't see them as different when I work but as ONE. Unlike some therapists who can do mixture of techniques/styles and piece a little here and there; I feel, act and know they are all one thing. So when I work with a client, I am "talking" to their body which always tells me what is going on. I have to listen and respond (yin & yang). I communicate verbally as well. I may joke with them or just listen to hear whatever is on their mind. My work is really deep because it truly evolves.

It has evolved for me into working more with chair massage than with the massage table. I feel chair massage allows more freedom to play (yes, play) and have fun (yes, have fun) because the client is in an upright position and I can dance around them. The shorter time frame trains my mind/body/spirit to be very focused on working with the client and the opportunity to see more people. Not to mention the cost factor, which is of utmost importance to everyone right now. That we cannot ignore.

So Nepa Massage is the spirit of the work which is in touch with eternity. And in eternity, there are no techniques.